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- 125cc Full Licence -

(motorcycle or scooter with a power output not exceeding 11 kw)



You won't need to take a CBT ever again once you have your A1 Licence. It entitles you to ride up to a 125cc scooter or motorcycle without L-plates, drive on the motorway and carry a pillion passenger. Insurance is considerably cheaper for full licence holders. This one day course is taken on your own bike. The minimum age is 17 and you need to have a valid CBT certificate and both parts of your driving licence.


There are three separate parts to attaining the A1 licence:

Theory Test     We can provide a DVD to help you with this. You can study for the theory test while training for Module 1 but will need to have passed it before taking the Module 1 test.

Module 1 - The morning spent at Stellar is dedicated to giving you expert training in manoeuvres in preparation for the off-road test. When you take the test, it is for approximately 10 minutes and is taken at the DVSA centre.

Module 2 - The afternoon training is taken on-road in the test area. A comfortable in-helmet ear radio is provided for ease of communication. When you take the 45 minute Module 2 test, there will be an introduction and a few questions, followed by approximately 30 minutes of on-road riding with your examiner.











Week Days and Weekend Training

9am to 4pm


- price includes the use of a motorcycle or scooter, a helmet and gloves


                                      CBT: £120.00


CBT is a one-day course of training - there are no tests or exams. It is the first step towards riding a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc on the road, solo, displaying L-plates. For those who are 16 years of age, the legal maximum is 50cc.


You will be given informative presentations, off-road practice on a 50cc or 125cc motorcycle or scooter, and a 2 hour road-ride with your instructor. A comfortable in-helmet ear radio ensures that you have clear guidance and communication at all times when on the road.


On successful completion you receive CBT Certificate DL 196 which is valid for 2 years. During this time you can train to take your A1 or Full Licence. Alternatively, when your CBT certificate expires you will need to renew it.

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This is a full licence for people over 24 years of age, or for those under 24 who have held a full A2 licence for at least two years. This is direct access to riding large capacity motorcycles over 48 bhp.


Please telephone or e-mail to arrange a free on-site assessment if you are interested in taking an A1, A2 or DAS test. Your instructor will then be able to determine your level of skill and advise how much training will be needed to meet the required standard.

DVSA Approved CBT and Full Licence Motorcycle Rider Training

For all levels of experience and ability.

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-Compulsory Basic Training-

Our instructor is a DVSA qualified expert whose years of experience and calm manner is guaranteed to provide you with the finest standards of motorcycle training available.

A1 Licence

-Training and Test-

A2  Licence

-Training and Test-


Direct Access Scheme

-Training and Test-

Please note that before beginning any scooter or motorcycle training, you must, by UK law, hold the appropriate valid driving licence issued by the DVLA. If you have a European (EU) licence you need to have a UK paper counterpart to validate your licence for training purposes.  

It is essential to bring with you plastic ID part of your Driving Licence before you can begin a CBT.



  This is for a Full Licence, restricting the holder to ride motorcycles or scooters under 48 bhp (example BMW G650GS or larger capacity restricted motorcycles). It is often taken by people between the ages of  19 and 24 years of age. If you take this test at 19 years of age, you will be eligible to take your DAS test early, after having held your full A2 licence for two years.  


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